Complexity meter

  • Hi guys!

    It'd be nice if every effect has its own complexity level/indicator.

    For example:
    Animated Movement UV has the following function:
    1x fmod


    Animated Infinite Zoom UV has the following functions:
    1x atan2
    5x pow
    1x frac
    1x abs
    1x min
    2x floor
    3x log2
    1x lerp

    There would a small speedometer or colored dot(s) at the top right corner or at the bottom.


    Working process:
    Let's say I'll use 4 very complex effects in my shader project -> a warning message will pop up -> please reduce the shader complexity (Your current complexity: 5, maximum suggested complexity: 3)


  • Hi Adam,

    Thanks a really great idea for a major new version.

    Because shader, by definition could be complex and this complexity meter could help to not over exagerate on the effect. Some customers are complening about the speed on mobile phone but when have a look a the shader, they add to many effects on it.

    Thanks for the idea, we appreciate


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