2D Toolkit Compatability

  • Does Shadero work with 2D Toolkit?


  • I use this tool in any project that has sprites. It has no conflicts with other tools. The code runs in it's own namespace. It's an editor so it will open another window for visual node editing of a shader.

    Best to think of Shadero is a tool itself that creates shaders and works with sprites all by itself without requirement of other assets and will work alongside all your other assets/kits. It does not interfere with any other tools or kits as it stands on its own.

    If your using any sprites and require shaders then this tool is your #1.

  • @aresthedog Thanks for the response. I should have been more specific. 2D Toolkit does not use a sprite renderer like unity sprites, instead it uses a mesh renderer. So my question is, what are the technical requirements for using Shadero? Does it require certain components? Does it just require a material and a texture?

    Thanks again.

  • Does anyone know the answer to this question? The asset looks wonderful, but I need to know if it works with our stack before purchasing.

  • Majority of the objects in 2D toolkit are using sprite renderer and for others if you must keep their shader in place you can still use grabpass in Shadero to apply additional effects on top.


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