_2dxFX_CompressionFX stops animating

  • Occasionally, this shader simply stops working for no reason in Play mode. (2018.1)

    Not sure if it's an editor-specific bug or not, but sometimes it will begin to work, and then simply stop. Other times, it won't start at all. Is there anything specific about this shader that might cause this?

    Edit: Yeah, I just watched the shader work for about 20 seconds, and then start to affect the sprite less and less. Then it just stopped entirely. May be a bug in the shader. The Parasite value is very low, around 1.5, which may be a factor.

    Edit2: No, even at the Parasite value at around 64 (default value) the effect stops working after about 20 seconds.

  • Hi thanks for the report,

    we will fix this in our new version

    Best Regards,


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