More exposed Parameters

  • This was mentioned in the general forum by another fellow, but I figured I'd mention it here as well:

    Something that all of the shaders could benefit from in general, are more exposed parameters. Right now, most shaders have maybe one or two variables that can be tweaked in the inspector, which in my opinion, drastically lowers their usefulness unless you dig into and modify the shader code itself.

    Look at Hologram, for example. We have 'Time Speed', which regardless of the value, only seems to speed up the shader animation, and never down; and we have 'distortion', which does... something? The Shader also drastically lowers the sprite's alpha to a fraction of the original value, but doesn't give us any option to modify the alpha.

    We should, at the very least, have options to tweak any of the texture sources being used in the shader. Too much of shaders are uneditable, when these variables should be available in the inspector.

  • Hi Kirb,

    Thanks for sharing your feedback we appreciate.

    We plan de rewrite all the effects with a more suitable value effects

    Best Regards,


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