1.9.0 not working after update

  • hello, i've just updated Shadero to 1.9.0 and when i open Window/Shadero Sprite Shader Editor I receive many errors. See below. I am using Unity 2018.1.6.f1 on Macbook. Pls fix ASAP. Thanks Peter

    DataMisalignedException: Type Declaration SuperFloat contains invalid data!
    _ShaderoShaderEditorFramework.TypeData..ctor (IConnectionTypeDeclaration typeDecl) (at Assets/External/ShaderoSprite/Plugins/Editor/Framework/ConnectionTypes.cs:93)
    _ShaderoShaderEditorFramework.ConnectionTypes.FetchTypes () (at Assets/External/ShaderoSprite/Plugins/Editor/Framework/ConnectionTypes.cs:67)
    _ShaderoShaderEditorFramework.NodeEditor.setupBaseFramework () (at Assets/External/ShaderoSprite/Plugins/Editor/Framework/NodeEditor.cs:80)
    _ShaderoShaderEditorFramework.NodeEditor.checkInit (Boolean GUIFunction) (at Assets/External/ShaderoSprite/Plugins/Editor/Framework/NodeEditor.cs:60)
    _ShaderoShaderEditorFramework.Standard.NodeEditorWindow.OnEnable () (at Assets/External/ShaderoSprite/Plugins/Editor/NodeEditorWindow.cs:75)
    _ShaderoShaderEditorFramework.Standard.NodeEditorWindow:OpenNodeEditor() (at Assets/External/ShaderoSprite/Plugins/Editor/NodeEditorWindow.cs:42)

  • Hello,

    We have tested on Unity 2018.2 and unity 2018.1.6 and it's work for use.

    Try to remove the Plugins\Editor\LastSession.asset

    And tell us if you still have the issue

  • ok, i've found cause of problems. i've all my 3rd party libs in folder External. When i've moved Shadero out of this path to Root then it starts working correctly ( I mean Editor). So i assume, there's hardcoded path in editor. Please fix


  • @emsisko Yes, Shadero need to stay on the right folder to work properly, we will, of course fix it


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