BlendAdd blend mode

  • Hey there! I just bought Shadero and I was wondering how if it's possible to achieve this blend mode called "Blend Add" described in this video: [](link url) (I posted a timed link but it starts around 19:45, just in case)

    It's basically like this:
    for Alpha channel values:
    -White is Blend
    -Black is Add
    -Grey values in between define how much "blended" or "added" current value is.

    An explanation of the math behind this can be seen in the video so I suppose it'll make sense for you Vetasoft guys! :)
    (it should be something like "One OneMinusSrcAlpha")

    It's super useful and it would be great if you add this to blend modes in "build shader output" and maybe also under 2 RGBA blends.

  • In the version 1.9.0 we add a new blend mode.

    We watch the interesting video that you have shared, we discover that to simulate the Blizzard BlendAdd effect, we should work with a 2 pass shader.

    It's possible to do it be we need extra coding, Blizzard use is how engine and we beleive that is more flexible for them to recreate this shader.

    We need to work around it, but your request is available :)

    Best Regards,


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