Version 1.7.0 is here !!

  • Version 1.7.0

    • Work Unity 2018.1
    • Work Unity 2018.2 beta
    • Add Unity Fog Support
    • Fix small warning issues
    • New node: Add Outline Node FX
    • New node: Add Colorized GameBoy Like Palette
    • New node: Add Colorized C64 Like Palette
    • New node: Add Colorized EGA Like Palette
    • New node: Add Colorized CGA Like Palette
    • New node: Add Colorized CGA-2 Like Palette
    • New node: Add Make 3D Effect Node to make a 3D effect on your sprite
    • New node: Add Blur HQ Plus
    • New node: Add Filter Emboss
    • New node: Add Filter Emboss Full
    • New node: Add Filter Sharpness
    • New node: Add Filter Motion Blur Fast
    • New node: Add Shadow / Light
    • New node: Add Shiny FX

    Shadero Sprite 1.7 - 2D Shader Editor – 03:27
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  • Hi,

    I have installed this version, the compatibility with .net 4 is still not working !!!!!

    You write "Work Unity 2018.1" but it's not true
    Unity supports .net 4 since one year !

    I want a date for this correction or I will see with Unity to remove the statement "Work Unity 2018.1"...

    Lord belasco

  • I use Azure App Service SDK for Unity3D that requires .net 4 to work

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi Lord Belasco,

    Shadero work great with Unity 2018.1 and now with Unity 2018.2

    We will investigate on the issue with .net 4

    A update will be release really soon.

  • I try to use .net 4 in your demo, with no other external things or code, and there is the same problem, so it's not my projet or other components ;)
    So with just your demo, Unity 2018.1 and .net 4 is not working
    Easy to reproduce :p

    Great if you could fix it soon :)

  • It's appear that is a .net 4 issue and a bad conversion format (since .net 4 it's experimental we believe)

    there already talking about this issue

    The major problem we found it's The problem with .net 4 seem to ignore the . and replace it by ,

    as we use float to convert to string, it should normaly convert 3.1456 to 3.1456, however, the .tostring() from net
    4 change the 3.1456 to 3,1456. And it's broke all the shader.

    Like this

    .net 3
    float2 DistortionUV_2 = DistortionUV(FlipUV_V(i.texcoord),16.65,17.80,1,1,1); // 6 parameters

    .net 4
    float2 DistortionUV_2 = DistortionUV(FlipUV_V(i.texcoord),16,65,17,80,1,1,1); // the issue make 8 parameters


    we have found a solution to bypass this issue even it's a .net 4 bug :)

    We need some extra time to test everything before the new release,

    Thanks for reporting this

  • I get this problem for my other projects 5 years ago, when we convert our projects to .net 4
    The ToString() becomes a little dangerous
    You should always know where you use the resulting string : storage or user UI
    For storage, use always culture independent call : myFloat.ToString(CultureInfo.InvariantCulture) :)
    Same thing for reverse parse to relaod data
    Same thing for DateTime ;)

    I'm happy you found a solution :)

  • We have submit a new version 1.7.1 and, should fix the issues with the .net 4

  • I have installed this version, and it works fine with .net 4.
    I test in the editor and at runtime, no more messages or strange thing
    Thanks for the fix :)

    I do my tests with the Shadow/light FX, and I get a strange clipping
    I try in your demo with .net 2.x, a simple PNG and get the same thing :
    I try anothers PNG, but same problem

  • Great that it's work now :)

    it's because you need to setup your sprite to sliced mode. By default, unity use a polygon shape, but, since we need all the space, we need to force the sprite to behave as a single box.

    There is a Drawing Mode in your SpriteRenderer to Sliced.

    Also, you may need also, if the sprite require it to set the .png file to full rect ( Sprite Mode )


  • That's better with this settings, but the light still inside the limit of the sprite :'(


    I continue to search
    This effect really rocks with the HDR !

    Thanks for all ;)


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