Shadero + Global Fog?

  • Hey!
    Recently purchased Shadero Sprite. So far it has been amazing. I had one question thought: Is there any way to get Unitys global fog to work with the sprites?

  • Hi Alleballe90

    Thanks for the comments

    The good news is that we are working on a new update with the fog support feature using the Unity Global Fog


    It's should be available tomorrow ( April, 30th )

  • Thats amazing man! Thanks
    I have two little bugs to report:

    1. When using Lighting Support, the point lights behave strangely. They only light up half of what they are supposed to be lighting.

    2. If I delete the Lighting Support without disconnecting the nodes the shader still acts as if though Lighting Support is on. I work around this by disconnecting the nodes before deleting the Lighting Support module.

    Thanks again.


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