Greetings From Oz

  • Hello,

    I am currently a university computer science student with a love for gaming. I develop in Unity and though I am new to video game development, I have been programming for quite some time now.

    Myself and two other people are currently developing a 2D fighting party game that we hope to produce with a high level of polish. Games such as ours can be loads of fun and endlessly entertaining without needing to have extensive work put into the production of their art assets.

    We believe, however, that with high quality assets (and carefully crafted gameplay), games such as these can become timeless classics. Aesthetics aside (though very important), a game's capability to communicate information to its players is of utmost importance and oft overlooked by many game developers.

    Fast paced and visceral in nature, our game will live or die on its capability to describe accurately to the players what is happening on screen at any given moment.
    We believe that your products will greatly extend our ability to craft an intuitive experience for anyone playing our game.

    Regardless of outcome, we thank you for the opportunity to win such powerful tools for the work we all love so deeply. :)



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