Questions before buying - Support for shadows and lighting

  • I'm currently using Uber Shader for my sprites shaders ( as I couldn't find anything else that supported sprites that could receive shadows and still be transparent. Is this supported in Shadero, and are there any limitations on it?


  • Hi St00,

    To received shadow, they are two posibilities,

    The first one, without any script, you must use the debug mode


    or, you can force it by script

    GetComponent<Renderer>().shadowCastingMode =  UnityEngine.Rendering.ShadowCastingMode.On;
    GetComponent<Renderer>().receiveShadows = true;

    -Vetasoft Team

  • Thanks, I knew that - but some shaders didn't seem to support the setting.

    For instance the Fade shader (default) doesn't, but the cutout shader (another Unity default) does, but doesn't work well with transparency.

  • Hi!

    I am having problem receiving shadows too. More preciselly I am having problem using Screen Space Ambient Occlussion shaders together with Shadero. As St00 mentioned, SSAO works fine with some default Unity shaders but not with another. So far I wasn't able to get SSAO working with Shadero. Any idea many appreciated!



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