Salutations from GoldDust

  • Hey all, I am a Game Developer and I enjoy using Unity.
    I am working on a 2D side scroller game due at the end of the year.
    I have bought both Camera Filter Pack and Camera Play last year. Vetasoft Rocks!
    They are both excellent effects that I have used on my current game, and I love them both equally.

    I really would love to win the ....2DxFX.....asset because it would really give my current game a unique look that I would love to have but cannot achieve yet with my current tools.

    Good luck to all my fellow Game Developers on winning the prizes.

  • nice to meet you too!
    What do you think of Camera Play and how have you used it in your projects?
    I am looking to hopefully get Camera Play and teach it to my class.
    Any info would be appreciated.


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