Intro: Hi I am Sweet Caroline :)

  • Greetings everyone my name is Caroline.
    I am a game developer teacher and I love learning and teaching how to code in Unity3D.
    I teach game dev to many students and next week I am teaching Unity camera control & camera post and realtime EFX.
    It would be perfect timing to win the Vetasoft asset "Camera Play" so I can show all my students the potential that Camera Play has with just one line of code to enhance the game camera for only $50 on the Unity Asset Store.
    My students always want me to teach them shortcuts and third party assets. I usually don't like shortcuts if that means losing quality but with Camera Play there is a ton of quality for only one line of code.

    This looks like a great community and I would love to learn more about everybody here.
    Thank you Vetasoft for making marvelous Unity Assets! I hope to buy your other assets in the future.

  • Hi nice to meet you!
    Thank you for teaching the future of Unity Game Dev.
    I am still a student myself and I always love to learn shortcuts.
    You came to the right place for quality Unity effects!
    Good luck to you and keep us posted on your class projects!


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