Transparent UV Tilling

  • Hi, I have some 2 questions about Shadero Sprite.

    1. How to create transparent for UV Tilling in Animation
      0_1517935970606_Capture2.PNG 0_1517935977798_TheFoolCharacter.png
      as you can see the original image have only 1 character but when I use UV AnimationPingPong, It create another image, so how I create a single image without repeating.

    2. How to rename parameter in Shader for example I have MaintextureSource node and I want to rename it to MainCharacterTexture so It will be more easily for adjustment in Material.


  • There is a problem with your image, the link is not working

  • Sorry, I already re upload picture, just have some problem with google drive.

  • Doesn't work, maybe you can copy / past the image directly here, or uploading the image.

  • Hi, already upload some picture, hope it works this time.

  • It's work now :)

    Thanks for this issue because we forgot to add the saturation parameters on the animated ping pong node (and also on few other node)

    Here is a quick fix for you, just click the file, your project must be loaded first.

    of course, all the fix will be available in the next release

    also, you sprite should be on "clamp" mode instead of "repeat". Don't know if you already done that


    for the second point, you can't rename the MainTexture source because the name must be always the same for Unity to understand that is the main texture to work with Sprite Renderer.

    Hope this help,
    Best Regards,

  • Thank you for your kind reply. I already load the unity package and change Wrap mode to Clamp. Then I try to create a new Shader with animated ping pong node. Unfortunately the image still repeat as you see in the picture below.
    0_1518020829064_Capture7.PNG 0_1518020836518_Capture8.PNG

  • Try with this file instead :

    It should work now as you can see


    also, we recommand you to remove a pixel in every side like this :


    to avoid this kind of glith


    Hope it's help

  • Wow thank you very much, everything work fine and I can animate the card with AnimatePingPong node. However I found a same problem in Sprite Sheet Animation UV that image keep repeating when modify with ResizeUV, PositionUV, ZoomUV and RotationUV.




    I don't sure that which node create this kind of error may be SpriteSheetAnimationUV, ResizeUV, PositionUV, ZoomUV or RotationUV. It would be nice if I can get a solution for this error, so I can create animate background for my card game.


  • 0_1518107273066_e43cd9d9-c3c9-4b95-818b-670f5d81b2dc-image.png

    you should active Clamp on Resize UV

    Also, you don't need to use Zoom UV and Position UV when you used Resize UV because they are already parameters for position and size change.

  • Thank you very much, now everything work perfectly.


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