Introduction: Wendy from OnanagroStudio

  • Hi
    I'm Wendy, I'm the Co-Founder, Technical director and Lead programmer of Onanagro Studio.
    You can check more about us and our projects on Twitter and Facebook : @OnanagroStudio
    (and soon our website)

    We work and plan to work on different kind of 2D and 3D projects.
    We are currently making ScrapWars, an hexagonal simultaneous turn based tactical.
    We plan to release it on Windows/Mac/Linux and Switch.

    We are currently using Camera Filter pack for some juiciness.
    Currently finishing tools for prod and prototyping game mechanics and the map editor.

    Here are somme early screens of the project :


    I cross my fingers and hope to win Camera Play and/or Shadero Sprite :p

    Have a nice day, Good luck to everyone :)


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