Revert all Window Layouts

  • Hello,
    installed Shadero Sprite - 2D Shader Editor to Unity3D versions 2019.4.28f1.
    If you open the editor window in full screen mode and then exit it, it gives an error "Revert all Window Layouts", then crashes and after that all window settings are reset and so every time.
    I am attaching a screenshot.

    How to solve?

  • Hello, first of all we are very sorry if we couldn't reach you before,

    We are busy with many productions right now, we will try to speed up or reply, we may also need time to make a new big update for Shadero.

    For your issue, it's appear that this will always showed when you set the shadero windows to maxime.

    1 - don't use maxime windows
    2 - we will fix this issue soon.

    Again, sorry for all those delay.



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