Introduction: John Lisenby

  • Hello everyone,

    I am a Unity 3D developer and I have been using Unity since 2011. Currently, I'm independent software developer, and I'm developing games for both Android and Windows UWP.

    My latest game, Maze Hunter 3D, I have been working on already includes asset from Vetasoft the Camera Filter Pack. It's currently available now on Windows 10 and Xbox. I'm now working on the story mode and will be using more filters from the pack. I made a playtest video you can watch via my site at:

    Thank you for reading this and have a great day,


  • Hey John I just check out your site and your game looks awesome! Great Job!

    The Temple and the Callsi Maze had amazing Visuals and EFX.
    You mentioned you used "Camera Filter Pack" in the game.
    How did you use the Camera Filter Pack in your game and what was your experiences with Camera Filter Pack?

    You got a really cool game. Great Job!


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