PS4 Support

  • Any plans for your shaders to support PS4?

    Trying to deploy to console now and it seems the shaders in camera filter pack (and 2DxFX) violate a few requirements needed to support the console.

    Shader error in 'CameraFilterPack/Gradients_Desert': Program 'frag', ambiguous call to 'lerp'. Found 4 possible candidates: at line 71 (on ps4)

    The fix here is the lerp params need to be explicit. You can find details on this thread:

    [](link url)

    The other common issue is you cant use 'sample' as a variable name.

    I believe if you make these changes in all your shaders, you can fully support PS4. I could walk through each one and make changes on my own but will take some time. Just curious if you have plans to support in future?



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