Texture Atlas / Sprite Sheets Compatibilities

  • Effect Compatible

    4gradients: May work*
    blackhole: No
    blood May work*
    blur: Yes
    burningfx: Yes
    cartoon: Yes
    circlefade: No
    clipping: No
    color: Yes
    colorchange: Yes
    colorrgb: Yes
    compressionfx: May work*
    desintegrationfx: May work*
    destroyedfx: May work*
    distortion: May work*
    edgecolor: Yes
    energybar: No
    fire: May work*
    frozen: May work*
    ghost: No
    goldenfx: Yes
    goldfx: Yes
    grassfx: No
    grassmultifx: No
    grayscale: Yes
    heat: Yes
    hologram: May work*
    hologram2: May work*
    hologram3: May work*
    hsv: Yes
    ice: Yes
    icedfx: May work*
    jelly: No
    lightning: May work*
    lightningbolt: May work*
    liquid: No
    liquify: No
    metalfx: May work*
    mystic_distortion: No
    negative: Yes
    Noise: Yes
    Noiseanimated: Yes
    Normal: Yes
    outline: No
    pattern: No
    patternadditive: No
    pixel: May work*
    pixel8bitsbw: May work*
    pixel8bitsc64: May work*
    pixel8bitsgb: May work*
    plasmarainbow: Yes
    plasmashield: Yes
    posterize: Yes
    sandfx: May work*
    sepia: Yes
    sharpen: Yes
    shiny_reflect: No
    skycloud: No
    slim: No
    smoke May work*
    stonefx: May work*
    teleportation: May work*
    threshold: Yes
    twist: No
    waterandbackground: No
    waterandbackgrounddeluxe: No
    waterfall: No
    wave: No
    woodfx: May work*

    May work* = Depending of the sprites on the single texture. It may work in some cases.

    For a better result, use single sprite.


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