Lighting support error but work perfect when remove normal

    1. make any simple sprite shader with texture and master node and lighting support.
    2. its error.
      3.remove this line and it work perfect
      "o.Normal = UnpackNormal(float4(1,1,0,1));"

    in function:
    void surf(Input i, inout SurfaceOutput o)
    float4 _MainTex_1 = tex2D(_MainTex, i.uv_MainTex);
    float4 ColorRGBA_1 = ColorRGBA(_MainTex_1,_ColorRGBA_Color_1);
    _MainTex_1 = lerp(_MainTex_1,ColorRGBA_1,_Lerp_Fade_1);
    float4 FinalResult = _MainTex_1;
    o.Albedo = FinalResult.rgb* i.color.rgb;
    o.Alpha = FinalResult.a * _SpriteFade * i.color.a;
    o.Normal = UnpackNormal(float4(1,1,0,1));
    clip(o.Alpha - 0.05);


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