Material doesn't have a color property '_ColorMask' error in Unity

  • I switched from Nintendo Switch platform to PC/MAC/LINUX and now when I preview I get "Material doesn't have a color property '_ColorMask'" error 12times every time I start the scene. I've only used the shader once for a logo effect thus far, but the error comes up no matter what scene is open. It points to the one shader I created with this program that worked on the Switch platform. It opens fine and it all seems to work, but I do not like big read exclamation point errors every time I test, etc.

    alt text

    alt text

    Why does this happen? How do I get it to stop happening? Thank you.

  • Is this forum dead?

  • I just went back to use this asset and voted it 5 stars, sadly the forums have no moderators.

    And your error looks like a programming error, one of your scripts has set this property and it doesn't exist.


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