Introduction: I am Mo'tasem Zakarneh

  • hey there.
    totally loving the feel of this forum, it looks like its light weight and loads very quickly. and it looks elegant too. and i love its idea. it will be a better place for communication, and finding most common questions and answers, and other people who have used Vetasoft tools.

    i am Mo'tasem Zakarneh under the nickname of GrassWhooper, you can find most of my non commerical works over here, i am from jordan, i like working on games. especially story driven, strategical games. and currently i am working on my very first commercial game. and i have at the moment completed a lot of the code base, and started designing levels, currently, the first level is almost done, and i am in progress of designing my second level.

    i have already bought Camera Filters Pack, and hopping to win the Camera Play Pack. the main reason behind me buying the Filters Pack was honestly the Lut/Color Grading Utilities, i have faced a lot of trouble figuring out how to make my levels prettier, as color grading is really tricky to get right ,so these premade luts will help me a lot as i believe.

    here is an overview video of my First Level
    and here are some images of my second level.
    0_1516974082776_Part 2_1 Level 2.jpg
    my game is a strategical story driven game, where you control one character and use various abilities, and weapons in order to complete different objectives that help you reach your freedom, all while trying to keep your character from going insane. "insane = bad end, keeps his cool = good end"

    note: all of these are before using camera filter pack, i have decided to complete the second level, and then assign some cool camera filters and LUT effects..
    i'll be sure to share them in the appropriate place, when i assign some effects into my levels.


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