Shadero Sprite property tag support - [Per Renderer Data] tag support specifically

  • Hello, I'm currently working on some shaders each with their own materials but the materials need to be used in multiple locations at the same time but with slight variants - typical stuff like different textures and different colours so I thought I'd use a material property block like I normally would and then use the [PerRendererData] tag on the property.

    But I can't seem to find a way to do this using the ShaderoSprite plugin - it isn't an option on any of the nodes. So I tried just editing the shader code manually to add it which worked. But then when I made a change to the shader in the plugin the property tag was deleted - not helpful - so I can add the tag but anytime I want to modify the shader I have to add the tag back which is quite inconvenient as I have several shaders to do this too.

    Is there any way support for property tags could be added to the plugin or even stop them being deleted when I update the shader as it would save me so much time when I make a change.

    Similarly, the naming of properties - I know you've set it up to auto name properties to make it quicker but it's also a real hindrance when you cannot set custom names for parameters that you want to modify outside of the shader.
    For example, I'm trying to set a texture at runtime and I couldn't figure out which of the three textures in the shader, it was supposed to be so I had to try changing them all to figure it out. Then when I finally figured it out and got it working I made some changes and the shader recompiled and changed the parameter name from "SourceTexture_1" to "SourceTexture_2" or something similar and I couldn't figure out why my shader wasn't working anymore.
    Adding custom name support would prevent this as it would be marked custom and not affected by a recompile.

    Any info anyone can give me towards a possible solution for both my problems would be great @Vetasoft


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