BUG: Type Declaration SuperFloat contains invalid data

  • I am using the latest version of Shadero with Unity 2018.3 but i believe this will occur in any version.

    If you happen to want your Shadero asset files in a folder not at the root (/Assets) then following error will occur when you attempt to open up Shadero: 0_1551109876936_deaeddec-6dc9-44da-9071-fb22a6835eee-image.png
    (NOTE: You can see how I am keeping this in the "Assets/External/AssetStore/ folder).

    If anyone has run into this issue this is a simple fix, simply go into the class NodeEditor.cs, and change the "editorPath" variable to your correct path.

    Just wanted to bring to the attention of the developers as this error message doesn't really tell you the actual problem which is that it can't find some Textures needed for the editor, but not a huge deal.

    Also for anyone that was having this error :)


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