error CS0103: The name `HorizontalSlider' does not exist in the current context

  • Hey all.

    Unity 2018.2.1

    So, I've been using unity since 2012, recently ive been collecting a lot of powerful assets and im excited to be able to use them, last night i took advantage of some unity asset store deals and got a few new tools to amp up my project.

    When I imported the assets into the same scene together, however, I get some errors from the unity console.

    I have all but one or two of vetasoft's plugins living in the same scene together with several other plugins.
    UFPS2, Rewired, Ngui, Simple Save, Final IK, Puppet Master, and just a ton of other assets.

    When I get an error in the scene, sometimes I can clear the error by reimporting the asset, or reimporting standard assets. Or straight up deleting the file starting the error. A problem is that when I do that, often unity has to think about it and then comes back with more compiler errors.

    Right now I just started a fresh scene and imported all of the assets I think I'll need for my current project, but I want them to live in harmony and I'm not sure how to make that happen.

    Right now I have about 15 errors all saying something similar to "error CS0103: The name `HorizontalSlider' does not exist in the current context"

    Now, I know I could delete Shadero and open Shadero into its own scene, create the shaders I need there and export them into my main scene. That would probably work. But I dont want to need to do that just to not get these errors. more importantly I feel like im lacking the skill to rid myself of this error and any others like it because I just dont understand what to do.

    Can someone explain to me what may have caused this error? Or how to identify this kind of error before it occurs? Or help me get to the root of understanding how to make assets live together harmoniously???

    I appreciate your time :D


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