Parallax Only Works in One Direction

  • Having trouble getting the parallax effect to offset up and down, it seems to only work side to side. This was one of the main reasons I purchased Shadero. I'm hoping I'm doing something dumb and this isn't a limitation of it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • Hi dpizzle,

    Did you have more information or a screen, we would love to solve this issue for you

  • I'm sorry, I should know better have provided a more detailed description of the problem.
    Notice below how the parallax does not happen on the X axis
    alt text

    Here is the shader graph:

    alt text

    And here in the relevant code in the shader. Notice the zero at the end, should probably be some expression. I've tried to edit it, but my shader knowledge is quite limited.

    alt text

    Any help you could provide would be extremely appreciated. Thanks.


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