How to turn on/off backface culling?

  • Hi!

    Is possible to turn on/off backface culling for shadero shaders? Would be really nice to have this switch in the Build Shader node. This feature would be really usefull for those combining 2D and 3D.


  • I would really love to see this as well.

    From what I have seen the resulting shader itself can be edited to change "Cull Off" to "Cull Back", but that is something that would have to be done manually every single time you re-build the shader. So an option to turn culling on/off from within Shadero would be awesome.

  • Hi, this feature will be available in our next release :)

    Best Regards,

  • That's great news.
    Thanks in advance and I'm already looking forward to the next release! :D


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