Upgraded to 1.9.1, Getting error CS0117 on Compile

  • Assets/ShaderoSprite/Plugins/Editor/Utilities/EditorLoadingControl.cs(48,31): error CS0117: UnityEditor.EditorApplication' does not contain a definition forhierarchyChanged'

    I am using Unity version 2017.4.8f1

    I was able to workaround it for now by making changing line 44 from this:

    #if UNITY_5_6

    to this:

    #if UNITY_5_3_OR_NEWER

  • Just imported 1.9.2 and now I get this:

    Assets/ShaderoSprite/Plugins/Editor/Utilities/EditorLoadingControl.cs(36,31): error CS0123: A method or delegate _ShaderoShaderEditorFramework.Utilities.EditorLoadingControl.PlaymodeStateChanged(UnityEditor.PlayModeStateChange)' parameters do not match delegateUnityEditor.EditorApplication.CallbackFunction()' parameters

    Offending lines in EditorLoadingControl.cs:

    35 #if !UNITY_2018_1_OR_NEWER
    36 EditorApplication.playmodeStateChanged -= PlaymodeStateChanged;
    37 EditorApplication.playmodeStateChanged += PlaymodeStateChanged;

  • Thanks for the report,

    It's appear that the new version of Unity 2017.4.x make this issue, it's been fixed on the upcoming new version 1.9.3

  • Awesome, thank you!


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