Grass wave/shake

  • could you pls recommend me how to make grass wave shader? it should be waving texture like in wind. there should be also possible to "shake" it when player collides with object and then smoothly going back to "waving"


  • Hi thanks for the suggestion,

    We add a shake uv node, it's really helpful thanks for the recommendation.

    For the Grass, it's a good idea and we need to work around it :)

    Thanks for your message don't hesitate to give a rating on the asset store page if you like the asset, it would help us a lot to improve it :)

  • Hi!

    Since noone posted 'how-to' for grass effect I am posting my approach. Hope might be usefull for someone.

    What it does is that it took some noise texture (wind intensity) and project this texture to the world (uses pixel world position). Than it moves this noise texture to get effect like the wind is blowing from side to side. Also I use mask texture to tell Shadero the wind intensity for each pixel. Here you can seel the result
    (the dropbox link won't be alive forever so I suggest to reupload it somewhere persistent).


  • Definitelly can be more optimized, I gues the Nasty way might be just replaced by UV zoom?

  • Hi,

    and thanks for this example,

    We beleive that we can do an optimized all in one node with parameters to simulate the grass, we need to test it before release it.

    Expect to see this new node sooner :)

    Best Regards,


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