Apply the Shadow/Light to a Generate RGBA circle : Source / RGBA problem

  • Hi,

    I create a new shader (without any source texture), I add a Generate RGBA circle, and want to add Shadow/Light after the circle
    But the problem is the Generate RGBA circle get out a RGBA and the Shadow/Light requires a Source
    I don't find a solution to pass the RGBA to the Source
    I see the Source to RGBA, but not a RGBA to Source

    Of course, I could create a texture with just the circle to use it as a Main Source, but it's not a "beautiful" solution, like Shadero allows to generate shape directly ;)

    I miss something I suppose ?


  • HI,

    So it's not possible ??

  • Hi,

    you can't do that because to create a shadow light in shader is not so simple without using source.

    in the coding view, source is require to tell the sprite to change the position, the shadow light effect, work like the blur effect, it's create multiple sprite at the same time and do an algorithm overall to simulate a blur effect. (that's why blur /shadow light are heavy on mobile). It's the same for the shadow light effect.

    In term of nodes, it would be difficult to realise this kind of request because, if we use RGBA instead of Source, it's mean that all the previous node of the RGBA need to be duplicated several time.

    The best solution, if you need a circle to move around or zoomin, is like you say to generate a texture circle and use the UV parameters to change the size and the position.

    It's a tricky solution but it could be useful.

    However, we can help you to reproduce your desired effect, maybe there is an alternative solution.

    The magic of Shader is that it can be made in many different way.

    Hope it's help,

  • ok, so I will create a texture with this circle, it should be the quickest way ;)
    you are right, there is so many possibilities to create the final Shader :)



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