Pb changing speed for animated UV in Unity Animation

  • Hi,

    I use animated UV, like Animated Twist UV, and I change the Speed parameter in the Unity animation, to accelerate the rotation during my animation (like a wheel on a car when the car starts)
    The pb is, when the speed parameter is changed, a shader redraw is done (ok), but the current rotation is lost and a new is applied. So a ugly "rotation flicker" appears.
    If the speed value goes from 1 to 5 in 2 seconds in the animation, in each redraw (so a lot of time), a new rotation is applied, so the result is ugly, because the animation is totally jerky. I dont see the acceleration, only random rotation applied

    I don't find solution to avoid this problem, so I think it's a bug


  • Hi,

    This glitch effect may be caused by the Active Live Animation in checked

    In this case, the fact is that your are using the same material at the same time with différente parameters value.

    To avoid that, you should simply desactive the Live Animation

    Hope it's help

  • I deactivate the Active Live Animation, but the problem is the same
    My problem is in the Unity Animation tool, after created my shader/material in a Shadero Editor, and close the Shadero Editor, changing the speed parameter in the Animation Tool create this glitch
    This glitch is also visible at runtime, not only in the Editor, when the animation is played

  • Is it a bug ??

  • We understand,

    We will try to recode the algorithm of the Animated Twist, the problem is that the animated twist UV use the timer as a starting point, so if you change the speed on the fly, the rotation will also change.

    If we found a solution, you'be informed

  • Hi,

    The problem exists for all animated UV with a speed, not only animated Twist
    it's a big missing :'(



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