HDRCreate_value has a bad max value in Unity editor

  • Hi,

    the HDRCreate_value has a bad max value in the Unity editor
    In the Shadero Editor, I can set to the Hdr Create intensity from 0 to 4, but the created parameter for the material _HdrCreate_Value_1 has a range from 0 to 2, not to 4
    Same problem for the Hdr Control Value

    I use this parameters with animations, and it's really a problem
    Can you fix it ?
    Is a workaround exists to force the max value in Unity Editor ?


  • Hi

    Thanks for reporting this, we will fix in on our next release

  • Hi,

    I still have the problem
    Is this probem fixed ??


  • On a newly created Shader, I still get :
    _HdrCreate_Value_1("_HdrCreate_Value_1", Range(-2, 2)) = 1 :(

  • We can't beleive that we have forgot it on our last release.

    You can quickly modify it, search hdrcreate.cs on the Project windows and replace the line 116 with this :

     string DefaultParameters1 = ", Range(0, 4)) = " + Variable.ToString();

    It's already set for the version 1.9.4

    Sorry about that,
    Best Regards,

  • I have also changed HDRControlValue.cs ;)



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