Keyboard Cursor Keys Behaviour needs to change!

  • I don't see any benefit of cursor keys moving the selected node in the schematic. When editing a value of a node, one (naturally) needs to travel between decimals using cursor keys on the keyboard but they move the selected node on the canvas instead of moving the cursor between decimals. So it's almost impossible to go from 0.121 to 0.125 quickly since I can't change the "key cursor" position with the cursor keys. And aiming between the two decimals each time with a mouse is harder than playing a sniper in a FPS game. :(

    I know your node canvas is a modified open source node framework and maybe it works like this by default but this is a MAJOR issue and no offense but feels a little amateur-ish. I hope you fix this behaviour soon since it slows down the process of shader design and iterating 10 times.

  • Hi,

    The change value is a recent feature and you right about the cursor keys, it should be fixed soon.

    Thanks for the feedback


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