Sprite disappearing when effect added

  • I am having a problem with the fire effect. I tried following the documentation provided (http://www.vetasoft.store/2dxfx/Effects/Fire.html) but no matter what I do the sprite keeps disappearing like the second image on the documentation example. When I try to add just the standard effect the sprite starts to move and distort like a flame. I am trying to get it to display like the first or third picture. Please help, Thank you.

  • Hello Phil,

    this is a strange issue,

    did you use Atlas Texture for this effect ?

  • Just tried it and it's still now working. I might be a little bit confused. Am I suppose to attach the fire component to the actual game object or am I suppose to attach the fire component to something else?

  • Usually, you just need to put the component to your sprite, and it's simply work.

    Do you have a screen capture in order to find and solution and fix that issue ?

  • When I add the standard component the sprite acts like the fire


    When I try adding the advance lighting one the sprite just disapears


    If I try to add both the same outcome happens from the second image happens

  • If it's a mobile game, we don't recommand to use AL because, AL use the same lighting system then 3D and could required lots of processing time.

    Maybe your texture atlas have to many sprites, and the effect didn't work well in this case.

    2DxFX work great with single sprite.


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