Version 1.9.0 is available

  • Version 1.9.0

    • Introducing "S.O.F. Texture" Shadero Organic Format - The fastest way to add life to your game by adding realisting mouvement.
    • Add Human Breath Simulation Tools, using a realistic and fast breath algorithm.
    • Add Generate SOF Texture
    • Add Human Breath uv
    • Add Human Breath EX uv
    • Fix Mask2uv wrong count
    • Fix Blend Mode issue with Bluid Shader when the parameters change
    • Add Lerp UV
    • Add Multiple UV
    • Add Division UV
    • Add Addition UV
    • Add Substract UV
    • Add Shiny Only FX
    • Add Circle Hole FX
    • Add Mask with RGBA Alpha
    • Add Animated Infinite Zoom UV
    • Fix Right-Click menu position
    • Fix 3D effet Source
    • Add Liquid UV
    • Add Doodle UV (drawing doodle effect)
    • Add Textbox for manual parameters
    • Add New Blend Mode : Premultiplied Transparency

    Shadero Sprite - 2D Shader Editor version 1.9.0 – 01:57
    — Vetasoft Assets

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