Lighting applies to whole shader instead of particular pipeline

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    Using the above setup, I'm basically wanting the sprite itself to be lit using the normal map provided, but the outer glow from Outline Empty FX to not be lit.

    Currently this isn't working, and the outline highlight is being affected by light.

    Is this a bug with shadero, or am I doing something wrong, such as incorrect blending?

  • Upon further testing, this definitely feels like a bug. If I disconnect the Lighting Support node from the shader flow, everything is still lit even if it hasn't passed through that node's input/output. Then, when I remove the (completely disconnected) node, everything becomes unlit.

    Will there be any fix for this in the near future? It's pretty vital that I can make this work...

  • Hi Cerzi,

    we will check on this an hope to fix it soon if we found somethings


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