Shader Graph vs Shadero Sprite

  • Many devs ask us what is the difference between Shader Graph and why we should buy something that is available free with Unity 2018 ?

    Shader Graph is a generic shader editor.
    Shadero Sprite is a more specialized 2D Shader Editor. We don't do 3D, we just do 2D, and we do 2D shader faster.

    Here is a example of a Shader made with Shader Graph and another with Shadero Sprite


    Shader Graph use 16 nodes for a 2 side color effect, Shadero Sprite have already, as amount of other effect, a gradient node effect, and it's support 4 sides.

    Also, Shadero automatically generate names. It's save you lot of times ! You can trully focus on what you need and what you want to do without the naming step.


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