Blend mode is changing by itself and huge annoyance which came from that

  • Well: sometimes it happens that when i have blend mode Additive enabled, it changes by itself to Normal. This is question of one click (if sprite editor is opened of course).

    This happens to me few times when i changed color of sprite. From nothing, Additive mode was disabled (leading to ugly blackish effect for me). Which is annoying.
    To fix it, i have to open shadero project. First of all system is not recognising last opened folder so i have to always navigate to default folder in my project. So i open that. Ok...
    Editor is not remembering material and shader assigned to this project. So i have to navigate to folder where i have materials and shaders and assign it manually.

    So... is there any chance to not go through this long and annoying process everytime? I mean: is there possibility to fix this random switching or prevent from doing it in first place?

  • Hi,

    The blend mode initialisation is an issue and it's should be fixed in the next release.

    The loading project part is truly something that need to be improved for the version 2.x

    Thanks for reporting thoses issue

    Best Regards,


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