Feature Request: Effect-Only Fading

  • Hi Vetrasoft Team,

    Really enjoying the variety and quality of the 2D FX asset. I would like to request a quality of life feature that would surely benefit your entire customer base:

    Currently the 'fading' variable makes the entire sprite transparent, which is already possible via the Image or Sprite component within Unity itself. The fading variable on the 2D FX component would be better used to fade just the effect itself, not the entire sprite, in my opinion. I'd like to be able to fade your effects on and off of my sprites via animation, as enabling and disabling them is visually jarring and unrefined.

    Also, more generally, I wish that more variables for each shader was exposed to me. I'd like to be able to change the source texture used in, say, the hologram scan lines, or change the fire color in the burning fx. Some shaders, like the outline shaders, have arbitrary upper bounds that keep the outline unnecessarily small. It would be really useful to be able to decide for myself how large or small these effects should be.

    Thanks again for your hard work and I appreciate you considering my feedback.



  • Seconding these suggestions as well!


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