Unused textures and shaders will always be included in build!

  • Hi,
    I noticed that all textures and shaders are always included in my builds even if I used not a single camera effect. This is because you decided to put all textures and shader files in a sub-folder named "resources". Unity treats "resources" folder specially in that it will always be included in builds no matter what.
    Could you please change this and update the package on the Asset Store?

  • Hi,

    Some effects need the ressources folder to load a texture or ressources in realtime.
    We understand that the big package have a lot of texture in the ressource folder.

    In fact we design Camera Filter Pack as a package where you can take one or multiples effects to add to your project, and, remove all the unused ressources when your project is ready.

    This is the only way to do it right.

    Hope it's help
    Best Regards,

  • Hello,

    Unity is meant to only include files that are actually being used. Using the Resource folder overrides this behavior. Asking your users to remove the files manually really defeats the purpose.

    The shaders don't have to be in there anyway since they will automatically be included if a used material references them.

    The textures could as well be linked on the shader file itself:
    0_1539161060709_default maps.png

    This can be done with scripts as well, so there is no reason to resolve the textures in "OnRenderImage".

    If there's a case where that really won't work, use the Asset Database at edit time to assign the texture to a serialized variable, so Unity will store it and include the texture in a build.

    I hope this helps you improve your product. The effects are great, so it is a shame the current resolution is so wasteful.

    Best regards,
    Rando Wiltschek


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