on iOS device.. image gets weird..?

  • Hello, I'm Layla Lee. Um.. sorry for my bad English. My mother tongue is Korean...

    So, I got this problem... dunno how to explain this

    First, my settings are..

    1. Shadero Sprite 1.2.0
    2. Using Text Mesh Pro
    3. Unity 5.6.5p4
    4. Only on iOS device

    0_1525260021811_무제 4.png

    from the image, background is 'none'. No image, no material.


    1. we created custom shader for Camera filter.(for fade in, fade out or corner color filter)
      when we using those filters(or one of), UI objects (especially image, font) looks like above. it ... um flickering? glitch?

    2. It's just a moment. like 1 sec? not a long time. I guess when we clear our screen filters, it goes away.(back to normal)

    so... I've been searching cause for days.. still, I can't.. help me plz..

    my email : eookog@gmail.com

    if you want our custom shader script, you can ask for it.



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