Does Shadero work on Anima2D Sprite Mesh Instances ?

  • Hello, I'm really interested on getting this but I didn't get a reply when I emailed your support email.

    I'd like to know if this works with Anima2D's sprite mesh instances before buying. I really like how your shader editor looks.

  • Yes, it's work great with Anima 2D

    Simply create and replace the material Default Sprite of the Mesh Instances

    alt text

  • Thank you!

  • Heya. I saw what you did with the dinosaur. I just bought shadero but I'm having trouble getting that dissolve effect that you did. I was wondering if you could share it to me so I could learn it.

  • After creating a new material and a new shader

    Follow the node schema, we use Destroyer and active HDR on the camera and on the Destroyer Node.

    After that we put the material created by shadero to all the sprites

    Change the parameter Value on the node Destroyer

    Hope it's help

  • Ohh can't believe I missed that. Thanks!

  • Hello is there any way to color the destroyer? I want it to change colors without affecting the color of the main sprite.


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