2 Suggestions (Rain,Snow And Fog)

  • 1.the current Rain affects are pretty cool. however i'd like to request, can we get rain, where we can change the rain drops color (the color of the water that falls and the small sparkle that comes from up when it hits something).

    2.same thing for snow, maybe a snow affect where we can change its color

    3.the last one, is a weird one.

    basically, an affect that makes the game looks something like this, but with customizability. this was achieved, through adding the Snow Affect, and then clicking Visualize bool.

    if we can get a proper affect that turns the game view like this, with variables to change such as color of solid/black parts, and color of whiteness, and its smoothness, and its intensity/fade, and maybe some Fix/Distance and stuff along those lines.

    i just thought, those are some cool little things, that would be cool to have.


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