Super Gravity Ball

  • Using 2DxFX and Camera Filter Pack

    Super Gravity Ball by Upside Down Bird is available on Steam :


    As a little green sphere you will be met with a multitude of obstacles and puzzling difficulties barring the way to your precious portal. Every victory takes you closer to a new world, each with its own machinations.

    The gameplay involves a multi-plane puzzling approach that will challenge your forethought, nerves, and precise platforming. A sequence of commands in the upper portion of the screen allow you to manipulate gravity in order to navigate the mounting hardships presented to you. However, be warned. Each gravity command may only be used once, and in the order they’re presented. Choose carefully.

    With gravity at your command will you be able to dodge lasers, thwart spikes, and avoid unstable footing... err Gaussian curves? Good luck puzzler.

    Super Gravity Ball - Steam Launch Trailer – 00:46
    — Upside Down Bird


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